What if cyberspace is oozing through the walls — seeping through and trickling into the very fabric of reality?

Reach out and touch the intangible. Traverse the realm that links cyberspace to a physical space — a realm that brings the digital to the physical — the pixelated to the palpable. Press a permanent zoom button and enter a three-dimensional space wherein the expected pixelated squares on a screen are brought to life through tangible and magnified displays of online posts from selected artists.

Geneyclée Gallery presents InstaCollective, an exhibition that epitomizes the relationship between digitality and physicality, revealing a transmutation of the digital into the physical and an embodiment of Instagram: the online cosmopolis for artists. Instagram has been regularly utilized as a platform for artists to network and exhibit their work. InstaCollective brings these digital forms into our reality. Experience a rearrangement of what is already familiar — a different flavor of information — through physical manifestations of online concepts.

Instagram feeds are flooded with an unabating stream of posts — a ceaseless stream infused with a plethora of talent and artistry — yet posts are often only regarded by glances thrown at rapid speeds due to the preternaturally swift and fleeting nature of the social media platform. InstaCollective fortifies the platform’s capacity to enable a myriad of artists by presenting an immersive experience in a realm that allows formerly digitized art to be experienced in an uninhibited way. The experience unearths the depth and sentiment behind the posts; the exhibition probes beyond surface aesthetics, beyond the glowing screen, and delves into a realm where the digital and physical blend complimentarily — a space where the artists’ intentions are palpable and enhanced.

The exhibition showcases emerging artists selected solely from Instagram; the concept strengthens the synergy between online and physical processes of networking, exhibitions, and exposure. The format of the exhibition retains the likeness of original Instagram posts; original works are juxtaposed by symbols — the artists’ display pictures, a heart, a follow button — signs that reference the birthplace of their exposure, subsequent selection, and participation in InstaCollective. The concepts of exhibitions and networking are extended from the digital into the physical — materialized in a tangible space. The exhibition exemplifies the process of transmedia narrative — sharing an experience across multiple platforms — that expands beyond exhibiting and networking, but the processes of selection and representation as well.

The exhibition evokes the creative tension between past and potential possibilities facilitated by multi-platform exhibitions and networking; it considers the relationship of time to the process of cyberspace oozing through the walls that once held it back — from the online cosmopolis to inside gallery walls — and to the journey across the bridge that links cyberspace to reality. The timeline begins with references to the gallery’s origins of discovering unexposed gems and emerging artists; this exhibition — the present and physical manifestations of the digital realm — is the gallery’s initiation into future incarnations as a gallery with a vision that embraces where the lines of time, artistic inspiration, exposure, networking, and exhibitions could be drawn or where they might ultimately lead — as a gallery that celebrates the enmeshed, overlapping, and complementary nature of the digital and physical — a world for posterity.

Written by Rachel SL Romana (Instagram: @rachabie)

Artists Exhibiting:
@yishuart @_peichung @lielaine @syrettartist @eye.c @sherwin_c_tan
@tanyashatseva @steveferrera @robertadiazziartist @a_collage @_modern_s @happydartist
@realurbanartistry @ms.kayankwok @daniel_bilodeau_studio

Opening Reception: October 20th 2017, 6pm – 8:30pm
Public Opening dates: October 21st – January 1st 2018